What’s in a Domain Name—Actually, a Lot

A domain name is your website address—how people find you, remember you and share your information with others. It is the link between the real and virtual worlds.

•Parts of a domain name:

https:// URL (Uniform Resource Locator) –

name name of your company

.com Extension

Put the parts together and you have a domain name https://amazingwebsites.org

Free or Paid: You can get a free domain name from various Website Builders like Wix, Weebly, etc. After your name, they add theirs before the extension. ex: johnnyscarwash.wix.com

Don’t do it. You don’t own the name. If you decide to switch providers, you cannot take the name. It makes you look cheap. People don’t like cheap.

The domain name should:

•Be relevant-Identify your business.People need to find you. Don’t go generic-make it relatable.

ex: HoneybySam.com not USHoney.com

•Be easy to spell-no hyphens or numbers.

•Be easy to remember-under 30 characters

•Have a positive connotation-good vibes ex: EdsReliableMovers.com not PusherMovers.com

Use your own name if you are in the arts. ie: actor, artist, vocalist.

Select a name, then look it up on www.whois.com

If the name is registered, you must buy it or choose another. You can make changes. ie: from .com to .net, .org, etc.

You can add My or The in the name, but that's not the best solution-only if you are steadfast in your choice.

A note about Trademarks: Stay away from trademarked names. Trust me, you don’t want that hassle.

Above all: Keep it as simple as possible.

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