You know it does—it has sucked for over a year. You keep telling yourself that it is “good enough”. It is not. It sucks….and everyone knows it does.

Perhaps you don’t want to spend the money, but you are losing far more in sales than you would ever spend on a good website. Your reputation is at risk, too.

Did you get a discount price on your website? If it’s too good to be true—usually it is. You got what you paid for—admit it. It sucks.

Maybe you are one of the thousands that believed a DIY website company who advertised that you could set up a website in one hour. You know how that worked out—you haven’t even completed your home page and it’s been 6 months.

Maybe you had a reputable website 3 years ago—but technology has changed—and left you behind. Your website is slow and the design is outdated. You have little pictures and lots of verbiage that no one reads. Face it—it is boring. The colors are boring. The pictures are boring. You have done nothing to upgrade it. It has just been sitting there. You have been busy, but don’t think no one has noticed. Most people are internet savvy –they know it is old --“behind the times” and out-of-date—that's how they see your business, too.

Is your website interactive? If it isn’t, it sucks. It is not a brochure for goodness sakes---it should communicate in real time. Is anyone subscribing to your newsletters or commenting on your blogs---oh, you don’t have those?—you should. Does your site have movement? It is mobile optimized? It better be because 90% of consumers use smartphones.

Is is fun?-- it should be fun—like you used to be.

The internet is essential. It has replaced brick and mortar and changed consumer dynamics. You've got to get in the game or die-on-the-vine. If you have a business—any business—you need a good, well designed website. Your success depends on it.

In 2021, a website is EVERYTHING.

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